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96% Retention

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Top 10% of Talent

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We are a tech-forward recruiting agency that blends smart technology with human insights. We eliminate the need to attract, source, screen and recruit top talent and deliver on our promise of care, quality and efficiency. Don’t believe us? Hear from hundreds of satisfied partners:


Hipo has been a breath of fresh air to use for candidate quality, ease of use and turn around time. It doesn't feel like yet another system to manage, in fact it's become a dependable source to get results in a massively competitive space. Hipo is innovative, cutting edge, and connected us to just the folks we are seeking.

Alex N.

Senior Talent Specialist at TouchBistro


We love working with Hipo at LevelJump! We hired our Customer Success lead through the platform. Such a simple and effective tool for recruiting.

Becca S.

Customer Success Manager at LevelJump


I can attest that this new platform is one of the best new ways to find employees. We were looking for a unique skillset and by using Hipo were able to identify the right talent that we successfully hired. It is so easy to use.

Rachel D.

Talent Acquisition at Stanley Black & Decker


We made two hires! Hipo is easy to use and we love how the profiles provide us direct LinkedIn access, and information on what's important to candidates. We received high-quality applications from our posting that added a lot of value to our internal recruitment process. Will be using this platform again!

Miriam S.

Director of Talent at Fundthrough


We've successfully made multiple hires through Hipo. It was quick, easy, & we received incredible candidates aligned with our mission.

Ron B.

Co-Founder at Railz


Hipo makes me look like a superstar. Thanks to our partnership, Xello has hired over 10 team members from Junior to Manager level! We would highly recommend Adam & his team!

Laura C.

Talent Acquisition Lead at Xello


Hipo is an incredibly effective way of hiring for our sales team. The product is easy to use, and the candidates are well matched. I plan to continue to use the product as we scale our organization. Having hired salespeople my entire career, I've been waiting for a product like Hipo.

Jordan H.

President at Notch


Hipo is the easiest way to see candidates and move them to interviews. The platform is super efficient and easy to use, presenting me to people I'm interested in. I admit I was skeptical at first but I'm really enjoying it!

Tariq E.

Manager of Business Development at League


As a fast growing startup, finding, qualifying and selecting the right sales peoples is of utmost importance. Hipo out performed standard job boards and delivered quality candidates, who were well matched to our open positions, quickly. It also allowed for easy communication and connectivity with talent in real time. Highly recommend!

John D.

Talent & Tech Advocate at


Hipo works! We hired someone amazing for our Sales Team. We had a unique role to fill, and matched to candidates that fit our culture. The quality of the candidates far exceeded our expectations.

Martin H.

Head of Talent at Coinsquare


Hipo has provided the strongest candidates. We saved 75% of our time hiring compared to Indeed and other platforms, and made two offers when we only had one role available!

Jeff R.

Founder at Sales Health Alliance


Hipo presented us with the highest-quality candidates in comparison to other tools like LinkedIn. The platform added speed to our hiring process, impressed our SVP of Sales and we were able to make our newest hire!

Holly H.

Human Resources at ThinkResearch


I’ve loved getting a diverse talent pool from Hipo, which I know is always good quality. We are impressed how the platform attracts talent to our growing company.

Martina K.



Hipo has helped us hire within a week. The quality of candidates were at least 3x of Indeed and LinkedIn. The transparency of candidate profiles also helped us to make a stronger and more informed hiring decision.

Lee M.

Operations Manager at IDENTOS


After months of searching with many tools, I found the one with Hipo. We connected on all the points that truly mattered on both sides, making for a much more pleasant and productive interview and hiring process. I am now super happy with my role and would highly recommend Hipo!

Natalie G.

Customer Success Manager Hire


I just accepted and applied. And wow, your platform is awesome. It has everything in one place, and shows you info and youtube video about the company. Just want to say, the platform is amazing!

Ahmed K.

Hipo Hire


Hipo was definitely helpful for me given the fact that I was looking for a job platform that was not an Indeed, Monster or LinkedIn. I liked the concept of picking jobs based on skills rather than uploading a resume - it opened my eyes to positions I did not know existed. I have already recommended Hipo to a few of my friends/family who have started looking for job opportunities here.

Vivek N.

Hipo Hire


Before Hipo the job hunt was long, tedious, unfulfilling. Hipo put me in touch with the hiring contact immediately via DMs & gave me access to opportunities that I normally would not be looked at for.

Nero D.

Sales Director Hire


I spent 8 months applying to jobs, spending hours crafting and adapting my resume to every role. It could take hours, and I had no idea if anyone even read it. Hipo simplified and centralized the process. I loved being able to focus my energy into one single profile and resume.

Devon B.

Sales Development Representative Hire


Thanks to Hipo, I landed an amazing opportunity that matched all the criteria I was looking for when thinking about my next career move. Hipo is filled with innovative startups that are looking for strong candidates in various fields.

Salma A.

Enterprise Account Executive Hire


Before Hipo, the job hunt was a lot of putting myself out there without a lot of response. Hipo made it less daunting and provided a welcome change in UX!

Jeff M.

Software Sales Consultant Hire

How do we compare?


Job Boards Open to all
Other Hiring Products Open to all
Recruitment Agencies Open to all


Matched candidates only

Unlike traditional methods and other platforms where anyone can apply, Hipo ensures that only candidates who specifically match the job criteria can apply, reducing noise and increasing quality.


Job Boards Manual filtering
Other Hiring Products Self-managed filtering
Recruitment Agencies Varies


Pre-vetted only

Every candidate seen on Hipo has been pre-vetted for skills and fit, unlike other methods where vetting is either inconsistent or left up to the employer.

Skill Verification

Job Boards Rarely
Other Hiring Products Rarely
Recruitment Agencies Occasionally



Hipo candidates must verify their core skills before consideration, a step often skipped or inconsistently applied in other hiring methods.

Effort Required

Job Boards High
Other Hiring Products High
Recruitment Agencies Medium



Employers spend less effort on Hipo due to streamlined processes but maintain greater control over who sees and applies for their job postings, contrasting with the broader, less controlled nature of other services.

Job Posting Visibility

Job Boards Public
Other Hiring Products Public
Recruitment Agencies Public/Private


Private, targeted

Hipo uses private, targeted job postings that are only visible to matched candidates, unlike public postings on other platforms that can attract unqualified applicants.


Job Boards None
Other Hiring Products None
Recruitment Agencies Yes


Expert, human-guided

Hipo provides expert, human-guided support throughout the hiring process, from vetting to interview setup, offering a level of service that DIY and automated platforms cannot match.

What's in our name?

A high-potential employee (HIPO) is someone with the ability, engagement, and aspiration to rise to and succeed in more senior, critical positions. These top talents significantly enhance business performance and align closely with the company’s culture and vision. Identifying and nurturing HIPO employees not only adds value but also shapes the future leadership essential for organizational success.

Our Story

As the premier 'skip recruiting to hire' platform, we specialize in placing high-caliber professionals in roles spanning GTM, Operations, Sales, Marketing, Product, and Customer Success. We cater to niche and hard-to-fill positions, understanding that the right person in the right job can transform a business.

Why choose us? Forget the needle. Eliminate the haystack.

Human Touch

Every profile is reviewed by a human, not a machine. This meticulous attention ensures that the candidates' skills and experiences are perfectly aligned with your needs, guaranteeing a higher quality match.

Response Guaranteed

Both candidates and companies receive consistent, actionable feedback throughout the hiring process. This fosters a culture of transparency and continuous improvement, enhancing satisfaction for all parties involved.

Vetted Excellence

Our selective approach means we only offer candidates from the top 10% of the talent pool. Rigorous vetting and reference checks ensure you get access to pre-qualified candidates, making the hiring process smoother and faster.

Exclusive Insights

Gain access to unique profile insights and full-service recruitment planning that are not available elsewhere. Our deep understanding of both market dynamics and individual candidate strengths enables us to provide unparalleled support in your hiring journey.

Efficient Matching

By skipping the time-consuming steps of sourcing, screening, and vetting, we directly match you with talent handpicked to align with your specific job requirements. This significantly reduces the time to hire, allowing you to focus on growing your business.

Proactive Outreach

We don’t just rely on our existing talent pool; we consistently engage in outbound efforts to discover and attract new top-tier talent. This proactive approach ensures that the quality of candidates we offer remains in the top 10%, providing you with fresh, dynamic talent options.

Trusted Referrals

Our candidates are not just top talent; they come highly recommended by the best—top recruiters, hiring managers, C-Suite executives, and founders across North America. This word-of-mouth referral system ensures you receive candidates who are respected and proven in their fields.

Pay on Success

We are so confident in our process and the quality of our matches that you only pay upon making a successful hire. This risk-free approach ensures our goals are perfectly aligned with yours—achieving quality hires that propel your business forward.


The Current State of Hiring: A Modern-Day Maze

During this time, projects dawdle, deadlines whizz by, and golden opportunities slip through the cracks. The hiring saga doesn’t stop there: teams flounder through piles of resumes, sit through endless interviews, and too often, wind up with candidates who just don’t fit. And the kicker? A hiring mistake can double those costs, not to mention the frustration.

Enter Hipo: Revolutionizing Hiring with a Human Touch

After 15+ years of diving deep into the hiring challenges of over 1000 startups, from bootstrapped beginnings to successful exits, we've crafted a smarter way to hire. At Hipo, we combine the seasoned expertise of recruiters, HR professionals, and founders to bring you a hiring solution that's not just effective but revolutionary.

Elite Talent at Your Fingertips

We dive into the top 10% of the talent pool so you don’t have to. Say goodbye to the grunt work of sourcing, screening, and vetting. Our candidates are the cream of the crop, handpicked and aligned perfectly with your company’s vision and values.

Real Connections, Real Results

Speak to actual humans, not bots. Our team of experienced recruiters works tirelessly to enhance your employer brand and optimize every part of your hiring process—from candidate experience to final negotiations.

Referral Excellence

We harness the power of word-of-mouth from top industry leaders. Our candidates come referred by the who's who of North American business—Founders, C-Suite, and top performers.

Always on the Hunt

We don’t just sit on our laurels. Our team is perpetually scouting, ensuring our talent pool is the richest and most dynamic it can be.

The Hipo Guarantee

Interview top-quality candidates within an hour of onboarding. Enjoy a 96% retention rate with talent that not only fills roles but stays and thrives.

Exclusive Access

Just like the Amex Black Card of hiring, we offer you an invite-only gateway to a world of exceptional, off-market talent, ready and eager for their next challenge.

Our Commitment: Beyond Just Filling Positions

At Hipo, we believe the future of hiring hinges on aligning potential, skills, experience, interests, and passion. We eliminate traditional barriers like resumes and job descriptions, enabling direct connections between top-tier employers and stellar candidates. We’re privy to hidden job markets, those coveted positions that never make it to public job boards, reserved just for the right fit.

We’re not just changing how you hire—we’re redefining it, bringing unmatched quality, speed, data, and transparency to every hire. With Hipo, prepare to meet the future of hiring, head-on, and win.

Our commitment

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For Candidates

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Start hiring today and see for yourself why we're the choice for businesses serious about improving their hiring results. Discover how we enhance the quality of your hires and significantly reduce your time to hire.